Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cash Advance

There are many finance firms that are willing to offer $1,000 to those in need, providing that the beneficiary has some provable source of income. They also must agree to the firm's repayment schedule, so the firm gets their money back, plus an extra outlined in the schedule. Cash advance firms like this are very likely to charge high interests on this $1,000 credit lending.

Before settling on any one cash advance firm, research all of the firms in your immediate area. It is easy to find cash advance firms that offer $250 to $500, but $1,000 tends to be more difficult. Keep all of your options open, so if your preferred firm leaved you high and dry, you can go to another firm.

$1,000 is a hard number to reach because it is considered a high amount for these cash advance firms, but too small for large loan firms and banks. So, while a loan firm may give you $1,000, it is very unlikely and should not be your first option.

However, while some cash advance firms are willing to give the big $1,000 cash advance, they charge higher rates than the big loan firms. This is because they are lending out smaller amounts, and need to charge this higher interest rate to make a sizable profit. Otherwise, they would go out of business due to lack of profit.

Loan firms tend to be best when you need a loan, but for smaller amounts like $1,000 going to a cash advance firm will help you get that extra money you need without worrying too much about how your credit card will be paid, or how you will get the money for bills.

However, before you sign your name, read all the details and closely examine the payment schedule. If you cannot realistically pay the monthly fees on the $1,000 cash advance, then don't request the money. This will just get you in more financial trouble.

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